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Narratives Fade But Bitcoin is Forever
As summer draws to a close we’re excited to share some positive news from the world of crypto. February saw Bitcoin hit a new 2023 high as sentiment did likewise. We are trending sideways, however those that bought BTC sub $20,000 USD & ETH sub $1,300 USD are now laughing. They have effectively ...
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Dissecting The Crypto Market Surge of 2023
It brings us great pleasure to write this Rake Review on a positive note after...
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Crypto markets have taken a pause from relentless selling as participants assume most market contagion has been identified. The relief rally has brought along with it an increased risk appetite as traders and investors find ways to claw back losses from a brutal 2022.

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Bitcoin Provides Strongest Buy Signal in Months
Let’s do something a little different this month.

Here’s a short story a Rabbi once told (Thanks Rabbi Motti):

A poor man in Odessa heard about a distant land where the streets were paved with gold; the precious metal were as commonplace as the dust of the earth. Despairing of his financial future at ...
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Just over $328M USD worth of short liquidations got triggered by Bitcoin moving over $20,000. Across other crypto assets over $700M worth of short liquidations has been doled out to the bears. Let's dive in and see where this short squeeze can take us. 

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Monday morning in Asia has created a 'max bidding' environment where everything from equity futures, commodities and of course crypto has made a substantial run higher. 

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Arbitrum: Airdrop Inbound 

Arbitrum is lighting up the crypto trading community with activity as speculation around an airdrop gains momentum. In today's Thunder Trading update, we will jump into the vibrant Arbitrum ecosystem and learn about the hype.

On Aug. 31, 2021, Offchain Labs, the company behin...
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