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Despite a savage bear market with valuations being decimated and severe levels of fraud and deception being exposed, Layer 2 solutions such as Arbitrum and Optimism keep on growing.

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As we continue to trade our way through a brutal 2022, the US bond market shows no remorse and provides the strongest signal that a deep global recession is imminent. Today we dissect how real this signal can be and what risks are associated with its confirmation.

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Understanding Paper Bitcoin 
We all know that the amount of physical Gold in the world is dwarfed by the amount of paper Gold. Paper Gold is derivatives (futures and forwards) but also gold certificates and gold deposit paper. Essentially, someone else holds your gold and you think you own it.

I have no issue with derivatives be...
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A Beginners Guide To Crypto Self-Custody

In light of recent events concerning the collapse of FTX, the opaque nature of centralised exchanges and the importance of self-custody has been brought to light.
In today's Thunder Trading Update, we aim to educate our readers on how to start your self-custody journey and why it's so important to g...

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