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There is a new narrative emerging amongst global investors as many are wondering who will be the first to bring in the new liquidity fortunes. This has set in motion an East vs West divide and those who are trying to be early are positioning their bets accordingly.

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20.02.23 03:30 AM - Comment(s)

Despite a savage bear market with valuations being decimated and severe levels of fraud and deception being exposed, Layer 2 solutions such as Arbitrum and Optimism keep on growing.

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08.12.22 01:26 AM - Comment(s)

As we continue to trade our way through a brutal 2022, the US bond market shows no remorse and provides the strongest signal that a deep global recession is imminent. Today we dissect how real this signal can be and what risks are associated with its confirmation.

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06.12.22 12:23 AM - Comment(s)

This year has seen a lot of first for Bitcoin, not all of which have been a blessing. As we head into the final month of 2022, Bitcoin is set to deliver its weakest four quarter performance in its trading history. Those who have survived 2022 so far are set to become the most battle hardened Bitcoin...

29.11.22 02:38 AM - Comment(s)

After a brutal year for crypto investors, there may be some hope left in 2022 as the Dollar Index parabolic run looks to have come to a close. We remain hopeful that a Christmas rally is set to be delivered to risk assets and it begins with continued weakness in the US dollar.

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28.11.22 12:59 AM - Comment(s)

Crypto markets have taken a pause from relentless selling as participants assume most market contagion has been identified. The relief rally has brought along with it an increased risk appetite as traders and investors find ways to claw back losses from a brutal 2022.

24.11.22 12:37 AM - Comment(s)

There are only two meetings left in the 2022 FOMC calendar. Today will provide a signal whether there will be any relief in 2022 for risk assets. Should we get a light rate hike, a Christmas rally would definitely be on the cards.

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02.11.22 12:19 AM - Comment(s)

The world irrevocably changed 14 years ago today with the publication of the Bitcoin Whitepaper. A revolution that spans finance, economics, politics has created the purest form of money the world has ever seen.

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30.10.22 11:25 PM - Comment(s)

Just over $328M USD worth of short liquidations got triggered by Bitcoin moving over $20,000. Across other crypto assets over $700M worth of short liquidations has been doled out to the bears. Let's dive in and see where this short squeeze can take us. 

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