• Buy - Sell - Trade

    Buy - Sell - Trade

    Your Stormrake broker is the easiest way to invest in the crypto markets  

    Your Stormrake broker is the easiest way to invest in the crypto markets


Work with your very own dedicated cryptocurrency broker who will be available 7 days a week to provide unprecedented access to digital asset investing


Invest in the digital asset revolution using our proprietary trading engine to get the edge you need to allocate capital with confidence 


Unlock research and analytics from a team of experienced TradFi and crypto native traders with a wide range of industry partnerships to serve you



Working with Stormrake provides you a partner in navigating the journey of crypto investing and provides you the comfort of having an expert in your corner 

Dedicated Broker

Your broker frees you to focus on your passions whilst you can depend on Stormrake to execute your investment strategy 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Market Accessibility 

You can trade on the go with a simple phone call or email to your trusted broker and carry on with your day knowing that your orders are being flawlessly executed

Strategy Consultation

We provide unlimited support and opportunity to discuss your investment strategy to ensure your financials needs are clearly understood by our firm 


We provide access to a wide universe of digital assets without having to use multiple platforms and nullify on-chain risks by having a simple call to execute your trade

Regular Reporting

To ensure you can confidently navigate the crypto landscape we provide regular portfolio and holdings updates with actionable insights and analytics 


Market Experts

With decades of combined experience in both traditional and crypto markets, we pride ourselves on being able to provide best in-class research and analytics to support your investing journey


Stay informed with the ever changing landscape that is crypto investing by receiving industry leading news and education delivered to you weekly 


Every month we publish our 'Rake Review' to provide a monthly review and provide a navigator for the month upcoming whilst delivering daily market briefs that provide you with the clearest picture for the day ahead

Top-Tier Liquidity

Our custom built proprietary trading engine pools pricing data from over 15+ exchanges that gives you the best raw market pricing and deep OTC liquidity access

Proprietary Trading Engine

Thanks to our in-house technology we are pleased to provide you incredible market depth that provides ultra low slippage and ensures best practice execution 


Our proprietary trading engine allows us to execute cross-chain swaps and purchases all whilst providing a singular trade confirmation 


Crypto Native Firm

We specialise in exclusively providing a 100% crypto only brokerage to ensure that you are receiving the best possible education and resources


Our firm has experienced multiple market cycles and are well versed in handling the inherent volatility and opportunity that is present in digital assets 

Exclusive Access

As a purely crypto focused firm we are Involved with the full spectrum of crypto project life cycles providing you access from pre-seed right through to Mainnet launch 

Unlock Unique Opportunity

Our robust industry partnerships network means that you can unlock the opportunity of a blend between managed funds and direct holdings

Self Custody

Hold your very own digital assets by receiving the best education and resources on how to safely store your own private keys offline with prudent security measures    

Cold Storage

Choose to custody with us to receive ultra secure multi-sig and geographically distributed cold storage solutions for a full variety of digital assets