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Arbitrum: Airdrop Confirmed

The Arbitrum Airdrop has finally been confirmed and with it a whole flurry of expectations and speculation as to what will happen next. We here at Stormrake have been anticipating this for some time now and had informed our clients as early as mid October 2022 to prepare for this incredible opportun...

22.03.23 09:46 AM - Comment(s)

Traders could be forgiven for having whiplash over the past week as we've seen a monumental shift in markets on both the macro level and specific (banking & crypto) markets.

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Narratives Fade But Bitcoin is Forever
As summer draws to a close we’re excited to share some positive news from the world of crypto. February saw Bitcoin hit a new 2023 high as sentiment did likewise. We are trending sideways, however those that bought BTC sub $20,000 USD & ETH sub $1,300 USD are now laughing. They have effectively ...
28.02.23 02:53 AM - Comment(s)

There is a new narrative emerging amongst global investors as many are wondering who will be the first to bring in the new liquidity fortunes. This has set in motion an East vs West divide and those who are trying to be early are positioning their bets accordingly.

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20.02.23 03:30 AM - Comment(s)

Two key metrics have started to show signs of growth amidst the recent resurgence in digital assets. Both Ethereum TVL and USDT market cap have reclaimed key levels and today we dive into the implications for the wider crypto markets. 

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Dissecting The Crypto Market Surge of 2023
It brings us great pleasure to write this Rake Review on a positive note after...
31.01.23 03:26 AM - Comment(s)

With the raging success of ChatGPT and stable diffusion, AI has been burst into the cultural zeitgeist in 2023. As always, when creativity and speculation collide, there will be a cross section of crypto tokens that manifest themselves as top performers within the crypto sphere.

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11.01.23 01:47 AM - Comment(s)

In today's Thunder Trading Update we take a dive deep into some of the trade opportunities and investment theses that are gaining traction amongst crypto insiders. This article will also serve as a fantastic snapshot to reflect on at the end of the year. 

After a brutal 2022 for digital asset in...
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Armed with learnings from a brutal 2022, we head into 2023 with cautious optimism. Whilst we will temper our enthusiasm, we anticipate a resurgence in crypto assets and renewed interest in blockchain applications.

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Happy Holidays From Stormrake
Firstly, a huge thank you to you, our readers and of course our loyal clients. We do it for you and we can’t do it without you. Thank you for sticking with us through thick and thin. It’s been on the thin end this year but there is still hope of a turnaround next year. The good news is that if you s...
21.12.22 12:46 AM - Comment(s)

The FOMC meeting happened earlier this morning and brought with it a rate hike of 50bps. This has officially lifted the US interest rate over the US 10y bond yield, a signal that precedes a pivot in FED policy but also precedes global recessions. 

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15.12.22 01:15 AM - Comment(s)

US YoY inflation data came 20 bps under expectations for a print of 7.1% whilst core inflation came in at an even 6%. This gave the markets the impetuous for a move to the upside.
Now all eyes are set on the FOMC, where a reduced rate hike will cause a strong market rally.

14.12.22 01:12 AM - Comment(s)

Earlier this evening, Bahamian authorities arrested Samuel Bankman-Fried at the request of the U.S. Government, based on a sealed indictment filed by the SDNY.  This development should mark the beginning of the end for the FTX saga.

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13.12.22 01:14 AM - Comment(s)

Bitcoin has been stuck in a near 3% range for the entire month of December, this tight range is set to be broken as the macro olympics commence. This includes headline inflation print out of the US and interest rate decisions from the BoE, the FED and the ECB. 

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Despite a savage bear market with valuations being decimated and severe levels of fraud and deception being exposed, Layer 2 solutions such as Arbitrum and Optimism keep on growing.

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08.12.22 01:26 AM - Comment(s)

As we continue to trade our way through a brutal 2022, the US bond market shows no remorse and provides the strongest signal that a deep global recession is imminent. Today we dissect how real this signal can be and what risks are associated with its confirmation.

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Understanding Paper Bitcoin 
We all know that the amount of physical Gold in the world is dwarfed by the amount of paper Gold. Paper Gold is derivatives (futures and forwards) but also gold certificates and gold deposit paper. Essentially, someone else holds your gold and you think you own it.

I have no issue with derivatives be...
30.11.22 05:00 AM - Comment(s)

This year has seen a lot of first for Bitcoin, not all of which have been a blessing. As we head into the final month of 2022, Bitcoin is set to deliver its weakest four quarter performance in its trading history. Those who have survived 2022 so far are set to become the most battle hardened Bitcoin...

29.11.22 02:38 AM - Comment(s)

After a brutal year for crypto investors, there may be some hope left in 2022 as the Dollar Index parabolic run looks to have come to a close. We remain hopeful that a Christmas rally is set to be delivered to risk assets and it begins with continued weakness in the US dollar.

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28.11.22 12:59 AM - Comment(s)

Crypto markets have taken a pause from relentless selling as participants assume most market contagion has been identified. The relief rally has brought along with it an increased risk appetite as traders and investors find ways to claw back losses from a brutal 2022.

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