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Arbitrum: Airdrop Confirmed

The Arbitrum Airdrop has finally been confirmed and with it a whole flurry of expectations and speculation as to what will happen next. We here at Stormrake have been anticipating this for some time now and had informed our clients as early as mid October 2022 to prepare for this incredible opportun...

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Bitcoin Provides Strongest Buy Signal in Months
Let’s do something a little different this month.

Here’s a short story a Rabbi once told (Thanks Rabbi Motti):

A poor man in Odessa heard about a distant land where the streets were paved with gold; the precious metal were as commonplace as the dust of the earth. Despairing of his financial future at ...
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Monday morning in Asia has created a 'max bidding' environment where everything from equity futures, commodities and of course crypto has made a substantial run higher. 

The information contained here is for general information only. It should not be taken as constituting financial advice. Storm...

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