Spot Ethereum ETF Approved! What's Next?

The Spot Ethereum ETF has been approved! It's great news for all those already invested in Ethereum and those who are looking to enter the cryptocurrency space. Less than a week ago, the chances of approval were extremely bleak at a mere 25% (According to Bloomberg analysts). These odds ro...

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Ethereum ETF likely to be approved

Is 2024 the year for cryptocurrency ETFs? As the SEC, once seen as the enemy of crypto, is on track to approve an Ethereum spot ETF.

Bloomberg ETF analysts have increased their odds of the spot Ethereum ETF to an approval chance of 75%. Prior to this news, the likelihood of approval was sitting at a ...

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The FEDs Fight Against Inflation a Doveish Prophecy or a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?
Between a deluge of mostly bullish stock market Q1 earnings in the last month, positive Inflation CPI data last week and a continued overall fixation on how the Federal Reserve in the United States will respond to such macro-economic data, it’s needless to say we’re at a pivotal turning point in the...
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Bitcoin 2024 Halving Edition

The 4th Bitcoin halving has finally arrived, the 840,000th block has been mined. Is this where the fun begins or will we have to wait a little longer?

A clearer view of the image above can be found here:

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BTC The Calm Before the Storm!
In the last month since our February analysis, Bitcoin’s Price Action has been choppy to say the least. Whilst we’ve watched Bitcoin technically make a new All-Time-High in $USD, we’ve also been subject to much needed consolidation during this time period after reaching a temporary peak of $73,794, ...
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Stormrake BTC Halving Opportunity

Stormrake is thrilled to announce that it is offering a 50% discount on brokerage fees for Bitcoin trades above $10,000. All eligible buys, sells and swaps can participate to celebrate the historic 4th Bitcoin Halving.

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The Crypto Bull Market Playbook 

Just before we dive into this month's edition of The Rake Review, the Stormrake team which is currently hiring and expanding hopes you enjoyed the Easter break with your loved ones. As you may have noticed, our team has tripled in recent months and are still on the lookout for talented, passionate a...

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BTC Blow-off! March 2024 Analysis
What a tremendous week we’ve seen in the markets in just a short span of time since our last
update two weeks ago on Bitcoin’s Price Action. There’s no denying that Bitcoin has defied short-
term expectations. It is reassuring to see that price has now not only just hit our previous target of
$59,000 f...
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BTC Market Update

As of last week’s price analysis, we’ve since watched the battle of the bears & bulls, while it’s also been a week of stiff competition between both the Superbowl’s Chief’s and 49’ers, we’ve also witnessed a supercharged and energetic Crypto market. 

Fueled between the prospects of a potenti...

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BTC The Battle of Bulls & Bears; a Price Analysis - February 2024

Bitcoin has seen tremendous bullish momentum since the beginning of 2023, rallying nearly 200% since the open of $16,530 as of Jan 1st 2023 until its recent high of $49,048 USD as at 11th of Jan 2024, erasing all the gains lost in the wake of the Luna and FTX insolvency fiascos and then some. The ye...

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A New Year of Hope & Actual Strategies

While we hope you enjoyed downtime during the holiday season and a lazy warm January, markets were buzzing with news and excitement. Crypto markets experienced multiple significant waves as massive players entered the market. We bring you another packed Rake Review to fill you in on the important...

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SEC approves spot Bitcoin ETF

This morning, The U.S Security and Exchanges Commission (SEC) approved the rule changes that allows a spot Bitcoin ETF to be listed and traded. 11 individual funds have received approval. This landmark decision marks a pivotal moment in the cryptocurrency space, opening up access for old money to fl...

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2024: The Year of The Raging Bull

The year 2023 witnessed significant strides in the cryptocurrency market, characterized by both maturation and innovation. Amidst regulatory advancements, technological breakthroughs, and shifting investor sentiments, the industry demonstrated resilience and adaptability. This comprehensive research...

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Your Lifeboat Is Waiting

Another great month for crypto draws to a close while the world outside makes less and less sense. Bitcoin is more than money, it is personal freedom. Bitcoin doesn't care about who you are and where you come from - It is for all of us so get on the lifeboat


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TV Killed the Radio Star

October (Uptober as its come to be known) was an incredible, action-packed month and Bitcoin led the crypto markets to prices not seen for well over a year hitting $35,000 USD. Interest in Bitcoin and crypto more broadly is up and greed is starting to beat fear. So much is happening and we will brea...

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Insights From Australia's Most Innovative Crypto Brokerage Firm

Welcome to another monthly Rake Review as September finally ended and October (The best performing month - historically) can start. We've seen more big news and events and we will digest them for you below. 

Awards mean nothing and this one is no different. Your favourite Crypto Broker has been ...

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Grayscale Wins Landmark SEC Lawsuit: What It Means for Bitcoin ETFs and Crypto Investors

The United States District Court of Appeals has just ruled in favour of Grayscale Investments in a pivotal lawsuit against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The lawsuit centred around Grayscale's attempt to launch a Bitcoin spot ETF, which the SEC had initially denied. This landmark deci...

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Get Your Bitcoin While Your Bank Still Allows It.

Welcome to another Riveting Rake Review as August delivered on some volatility and news again. From Supply shocks, to Aussie Banking issues, to ETF's, to Russian Billionaires accidentally being blown up, we go around the world as Bitcoin quietly counts down to the next halving in April.

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The Battle Rages On: SEC, Ripple, and the Latest Developments in Crypto Regulation

The curtain has not yet fallen on the riveting drama between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple Labs. What once was hailed as a pivotal moment with the July 13 ruling is now heating up with an appeal, bringing further uncertainty to the crypto sphere.

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Everyone Gets the Bitcoin Price They Deserve: Timing & Conviction

In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin stands out as a pioneering stalwart. But when it comes to buying Bitcoin, there's an old adage that goes, “Everyone gets the price they deserve." This phrase may sound philosophical at first, but it carries deep financial wisdom, especi...

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